April 17 2015
'Arthur & Merlin' released, after an exciting premiere in London last Saturday. Lets hope it does well!

March 06 2015
Both DMPs for 'Arthur & Merlin' complete! Looking forward to seeing the finished film...

December 06 2014
Three matte painting entries now complete for the CGsociety's DMP Mini-Challenges. They're proving to be a fantastic way to improve and learn more!

December 04 2014
I've joined the VFX team for 'Arthur & Merlin', a UK-produced feature film!

June 26 2013
I have completed an Introduction to Matte Painting course with CGsociety, taught by David Luong. My final Cityscape painting was voted one of 6 'best in class'.

April 21 2012
My 'Hover' image is part of an exhibition of the Society of Architectural Illustrators at the Anise Gallery in London, 22nd April - 20 May 2012.

December 15 2011
My final entry to the latest Ronen Bekerman compeition, 'Citylife', can be seen here. View the images here.