AVC 2008 - Tower of Hercules Visitors Centre

AVC 2008 - Tower of Hercules Visitors Centre

Created for CG Architect's AVC 2008 competition.

The competition required competitiors to create a Visitors Centre for the Tower of Hercules in A Coruna, Spain, a lighthouse built in the 2nd Century.

The first stage of the competition required competitors to produce an exterior image of their design, showing the centre, the tower and the sea. The image took 3 weeks to produce, including 3 days of post-processing in Photoshop.

The other images are stills from the second stage of the competition, in which competitiors were asked to produce an animation showcasing their design. Both images make heavy use of site photographs for the backgrounds which were supplied as part of the brief.

I received 7th place at the end of the competition. The AVC website can be found here.

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